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Group Lessos

WaterLou Swim School
Private Swimming Lessons 

Private Swimming Lessons
Ages 3 Yrs
- Teens

  • 1 child only

In private lessons, we can focus on specific needs, technique correction, or work with children who might be shy or simply not ready for group lessons yet.


If your child requires extra time or attention, struggles in group settings, or simply needs personalized attention, private lessons will meet this need.

If the child is behind their peer group, some parents find it helpful to have a private lesson to 'catch up' before group lessons start.

Your child will explore the water in a safe and relaxed environment led by a trained teacher. The heated pool encourages a calm, inviting experience with a focus on breath control, floating, arm & leg mechanics, and comfortability with the water. Most of all, it's fun!

  • Private instruction. One-on-one with teacher.

  • Ages 3 Yrs to teens

  • 50 minute class

  • $150/ per lesson

Cute Girl in Pool
Swimming Lesson

Ages 3 yrs to Teens

  • up to 3 siblings/ friends to share

Semi- private lessons offer the opportunity to place a family of up to 3 kids, or a group of friends in a lesson together.

This class works great for kids who want to be in class with their friends, or for a parent that wants to knock out the lesson for the entire family in one hour.


Individualized instruction is still given, based on age and student skill level.  We focus on specific needs and technique correction in private lessons.


Proper breathing, kicking, floating, simple strokes, and basic water safety rules are emphasized.  The heated pool is fun and encourages your child to play.  


Join us today. 

  • Ages 3 years - Teens

  • 50 minute class

  • $200/per lesson

Pool Safety Rules

Pool Safety Rules

For the safety of you and your child:

  • No parents or siblings near the water.

  • Baby & Me requires little swimmer. No diapers.

  • Shower beforehand.

  • Do not come to class sick.

  • Wear sunscreen.

  • No lifeguard on duty. Parents responsible for child, guest and personal safety.

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